Join our Community Bar!

Leaven operates as a Community Sourced Bar (CSB), a fundraising concept which returns investments in the form of vouchers. Here are some FAQ's about CSB's — and some ways in which you can help.

▶ What's a Community Sourced Bar?

A Community Sourced Bar is a concept whereby a bar or restaurant raises funds locally that will have a meaningful impact to the surrounding community.

▶ How is Leaven using the CSB concept?

Leaven NH VouchersLast year, Leaven sold CSB vouchers and raised over $10K - which enabled our doors to open. Following on the success of the fundraising - and the community members-turned-regulars it has spurred, we've decide to give it a go again! Leaven will be selling CSB vouchers throughout the month of October. Vouchers will be sold in $100 and $200 amounts. Starting in November, voucher holders will receive gift certificates over the course of 12 months. For $100 vouchers, recipients will recieve a $10 gift card to Leaven every other month ($120 total). For $200 vouchers, recipients will recieve a $20 gift card every month ($240 total), and membership into our mug club

▶ How do I purchase a voucher?

Click Here!

▶ Why should I buy a Leaven voucher?

This is the perfect way to support your local economy and downtown business district. By purchasing a voucher, you're telling Somersworth that this is the type of business you want in your city - one that provides quality food and service and establishes a new nightlife and bar scene. Furthermore, you really have nothing to lose but a lot to gain!

Consider how much you spend a month on food and beer. Chances are, it's higher than $20 a month. Think of the Leaven CSB voucher as a piggy bank for your extra beer money - and one that pays you back with even more beer (and bread!).

▶ Am I able to give more?

Everyone is welcome (encouraged!) to purchase more than one voucher. Vouchers can be gifted to others - what a great way of wishing someone happy birthday or saying 'I Love You' by guaranteeing them a year's supply of beer and good cheer!

▶ What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, checks made out to "Leaven," and good old-fashioned cash.

▶ Will my name be published?

All amounts purchased will remain confidential. When you purchase a voucher you may indicate if you want to remain anonymous. Otherwise, we definitely want to show our thanks by letting all your neighbors how great you are (and whose door to knock on for the round of craft beer!)

▶ I can't afford the minimum voucher but really want to chip in.
Do you accept smaller donations?

We do! While any donations under $100 will not be returned as gift certificates, we greatly appreciate the support! You can probably expect a t-shirt or pin or equally cool schwag.

▶ How can I help spread the word?

To truly make Leaven a success, we need to spread the word to the community - and fast! Please share our project on your facebook page, and send friends here:

Tell friends, neighbors, and family about this project and let them know you bought a voucher and that they should too! THANKS!