Our Staff

Staff of Leaven Beer and Bread House

Leaven is the brainchild of three Somersworth natives: Local entrepreneur Emmett Soldati; finance and business expert Patrick Jackman; and event planner and bar manager Aidan Watson.

Leaven staff: Jameson Small

Jameson Small


A first-generation farmer and Agro-Entrepreneur, Jameson Small keeps Leaven running with the big dogs.  Whether inventing new ways to cook sweet potato, or throwing the Seacoast’s best dance parties, he’s always got something up his sleeve.

Leaven staff: Britt Treichel

Britt Treichel

Market Manager

Artist, Teacher, Bread-Slinger.  Britt can be seen at many of our area farmers markets bringing you the freshest sourdough in NH.  Ask her for her best knock-knock joke.

Leaven staff: Emmett Soldati

Emmett Soldati


Owner and Founder of Teatotaller Tea House, Soldati was intrumental in getting Leaven open. Now he focuses on new marketing strategies to spread the good Leaven word.

Leaven staff: Elizabeth Carter

Elizabeth Carter

Chief Getting-Things-Done Officer

Liz is Leaven’s Triple Threat – Designer, Manager, and Business Developer.