Our Staff

Staff of Leaven Beer and Bread House

In 2013, Leaven began as a community restaurant and gastropub with amazing bread in Downtown Somersworth.  As word of our 100% sourdough artisanal loaves spread, customers across NH and ME kept coming back from more.

Within a year, Leaven Breads was selling at every major farmers market in the area.

Three years later, we opened a new wholesale baking facility to catch-up with the ever growing demand.  While our loaves will travel throughout New England, we remain dedicated to local culture, local ingredients, and our community.

Leaven staff: Jonathan Adelson

Jonathan Adelson


Jon has over two decades of food and baking experience, ranging from his childhood’s local grocer to Executive Chef at Aquitaine in the reputable South End of Boston.  He brings a love for food, creating inventive, delicious and interesting meals that are accessible, both in flavor and cost.  Jon’s passion for all things edible leads him to tend a massive back-yard garden each year, in-door herbs, active bread yeasts and recently, laying hens for daily fresh eggs.  Being attentive to the full cycle of eating, from soil to service, is a perfect fit for Leaven’s patient approach to sourdough bread.